Stefan Hofer

Stefan Hofer

WPS – Workplace Solutions GmbH
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Stefan is bad at drawing. However, he thinks he can acquire domain knowledge by drawing Domain Stories. Stefan studied Software Engineering in Austria and has a PhD in computer science. Since 2005, he has been working for WPS – Workplace Solutions Ltd. In Hamburg. Stefan hops from one domain to the next, assisting people to figure out how software can help them to get their job done.

An introduction to Domain Storytelling (Lab)
by Stefan Hofer, Isabella Tran

Stories are at the heart of human communication. With Domain Storytelling, domain experts and development teams visualize storytelling to transform domain knowledge into software.

In this hands-on, you will model several Domain Stories for a domain: Starting with a “big picture”, you will identify sub-domains. Then, you dive deeper into one of the sub-domains and use Domain Storytelling to design a software-supported business process. Finally, you will derive User Stories from your Domain Stories.

This hands-on is for everyone – no coding skills required! Domain Storytelling brings together domain experts, software developers, user experience designers, product owners, product managers, and business analysts.

DDD Europe is pairing up master modellers with domain experts they’ve never met and domains they’ve never modelled.

In two hours, with the help of the entire brainpower of the participants, they’ll try to build a model at maximum speed. The masters will interview the experts, and use their choice of techniques, heuristics, and visualisations.

Will they succeed to synthesize all the ideas? Can they find structure where there is none? Will they get to the bottom of the problem? Join them in the world's only domain modelling reality show!

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