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Olivier Costa

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I believe that it is necessary for people to work together more effectively. Most IT-professionals that I encountered are very good technicians but poor collaborators. This, to me, is a key problem in the industry and the root cause of so many failing projects.

Another problem is that the software delivery process is often managed like a construction process, while it is actually a creative process, which requires a completely different leadership style.

I found in the agile movement a practical way to better both problems. There's also a lot of common ground with the lessons of my aikido teachers. So I eagerly study and combine these two domains, for the benefit of both myself and my colleagues & customers.

Contact me on info@AEGISoft.be.

TDD for Real-World Applications! (Lab)
by Thomas Thiry, Olivier Costa

Katas are great. And still you're looking for a way to train in a more realistic codebase. With all the plumbing obscuring the domain. With all the components talking to each other to get a real application working.

In this team-at-work simulation you'll enter a real-world application. Of a real invented company. With real problems and wishes. Mob programming and TDD will be your tools to deploy continuously value-added increments to our client.

- Apply TDD and CD in a realistic context.
- Under pressure of operational & business needs.
- Become member of the limited-red-society.
- Develop and refactor in baby steps.
- Use the power of mob programming to deliver value collectively.
- Experience how it can actually work in your professional environment.

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