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Marco Perone

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I am a software developer, grown up as a mathematician. I love to bring in my code the same formalism and precision you can find in math.
I am particularly interested in functional programming, its links with domain modelling, and how to introduce and apply its ideas in non-functional languages.

Algebraic Domain Modelling with Citadels (Lab)
by Marco Perone, Erik Post

Algebra and domain modelling are similar in the fact that they both aim to obtain a clear representation of their subject, being it a mathematical structure or a knowledge domain.

In this hands-on we will use an algebraic approach, based only on simple operations and their composition, to model the domain of a board game step by step.

We will discover how our simple algebraic language yields a universal tool for modelling tiny and big domains, providing a formal and precise representation which could be easily translated into working software.

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