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Maik is an introvert, stammers and loves to give talks. What could possibly go wrong? At codecentric AG, Maik helps customers to establish Chaos Engineering practices. In his +1 time he’s maintaining Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot.

Collaborative Functional Domain Modelling in Practice (Lab)
by Marco Emrich, Maik Figura

Functional programming enables the modeling of business domains based on a type system. This allows to enforce invariants and give business experts the possibility to give feedback directly to the code.

In this workshop I will be your product owner and present you a business problem. You will use the type system of a functional programming language (no prior knowledge necessary) to model the domain against a set of business rules. The result will be a domain model, that is directly in the code (as opposed to a pure graphical representation). Therefore it is clear and precise but still easy enough to understand, to allow for direct participation of the business. Exercising communication to get a precise understanding of the business is the main focus of the workshop, besides understanding how create a domain model using a functional type system.

Rough Agenda:

- Checkin
- Overview of functional modelling techniques
- Presentation of the problem domain
- Hands-On Modelling in small groups
- Retrospective

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