Jennifer Carlston

Jennifer Carlston

Software Engineering Architect
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I started out working summers at a small telecom company quality testing interfaces, writing documentation, and editing audio files. In college I worked for a technical analysis software company creating their websites and managing their educational content (think stock market analysis and education back in the wild west of the Internet). I’ve written many tools to process massive amounts of information working with people to ingest data from all over the world. When I’m not doing that I like to explore, play and make with family and friends - outdoors, arduino, creative writing, sculpture, and song.

Wisecrowding: Hack Your Org (Lab)
by Jennifer Carlston

Learn techniques to hack your org.

Coordinating distributed projects can be difficult. How do you get everyone to agree, buy-in to the process and move in the same direction?

When working in groups we all need to build context quickly, make better predictions, and align around a common cause. All of this hinges on how well we embrace the diversity of our colleagues, our cognitive models, and the variety of heuristics we employ to solve problems and make decisions across large groups of people.

As leaders, we know that we make better decisions when we involve more expertise. Wisecrowding can facilitate this. We can utilize the diversity prediction principle for our advantage when planning projects and goals.

We'll explore how to use Wisecrowding, a social process informed by machine learning, to build a superadditive social decisioning model. Added benefits are more quality connections, greater social skills and communication, inclusivity, and faster, more accurate results.

We will collaborate on exercises that combine the advantages of individual and group research, run through a few examples, explore mathematically-proven ways of making better predictions, and discuss ways we can improve our output.

Eventstorming helps you understand and organize the product you need to build.

Wisecrowding can help you figure out which product to build and prioritize.

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