Henning Schwentner

Henning Schwentner

Coder, Coach, Consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions
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Henning loves programming in high quality. He lives this passion as coder, coach, and consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions in Hamburg, Germany. There he helps teams to structure their monoliths or to build new systems from the beginning with a sustainable architecture. Microservices or self-contained systems are often the result. Henning is author of “Domain Storytelling – A Collaborative Modeling Method” and the www.LeasingNinja.io as well as translator of “Domain-Driven Design kompakt”.

DDD Europe is pairing up master modellers with domain experts they’ve never met and domains they’ve never modelled.

In two hours, with the help of the entire brainpower of the participants, they’ll try to build a model at maximum speed. The masters will interview the experts, and use their choice of techniques, heuristics, and visualisations.

Will they succeed to synthesize all the ideas? Can they find structure where there is none? Will they get to the bottom of the problem? Join them in the world's only domain modelling reality show!

Telling the Domain Story of the Future with Functional Programming (Lab)
by Mike Sperber, Henning Schwentner

When the high-level story of your project is told, you know where the sub-domains and boundaries are, and how and where your users interact with the system. You still need a domain model, though, so you can start building the software.

How does that actually work? You can stick close to the domain and thus get a model that maps the domain, but does not offer deep insights, and is brittle in the face of changes.

Fortunately, we can use techniques from functional programming – abstraction, algebra, and combinator models – to evolve the domain model into something supple that not only covers present requirements but the needs of the future as well. Moreover, these techniques are a great fit for Domain Storytelling.

Join Henning Schwentner (Domain Storytelling representative) and Mike Sperber (functional programming envoy) on a journey to tell the domain story of the future!

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