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Mentrix Group: Principal, Architecture
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If you’ve read The Economist, donated to Wikipedia, or contributed to The World Monuments Fund, you’ve interacted with systems that Diana helped to architect.

She has 15+ years experience delivering initiatives, independently or as part of a professional services group, to clients including Stanford, The Gates Foundation and Teach For All. She is co-founder of Mentrix Group, a consultancy providing enterprise systems architecture, technology strategy, and content systems development. She also takes meeting notes with a fountain pen and is an aspiring plant chef.

Reasoning systematically: the art of integration leadership (Lab)
by Diana Montalion

Practice argumentation, the foundational skillset for navigating uncertainty.

Argumentation -- reasoning systematically in support of an idea, action, or theory -- is a valuable skill to develop. Over time, maturing this skill contributes more value than our technology-specific expertise.

When we practice argumentation, we discover the best possible solution or conclusion, under the circumstances, when conditions are uncertain. Doing this with others provides integration leadership. This leadership does not depend on our job title. Everyone can develop confidence and trust in the thinking they facilitate. Everyone can cultivate a process that builds trust between people.

Argumentation works, which is the most important reason to practice it. And when done well, it is creatively energizing.

In this hands-on workshop, we'll explore:

What is argumentation?
- A means of inquiry
- A skill we must practice
- The integration of differing points of view
- Enabling others to make up their own mind
- Good judgement

What argumentation is not.
- Fighting
- Arguing by assertion (opinion giving)

We'll practice argumentation:
- Identify the claim
- Identify the reasons that support it
- Strengthen those reasons (including defining words you use)
- Put the reasons in a natural order
- Edit, edit, edit

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