Carola Lilienthal

Carola Lilienthal

WPS - Workplace Solutions
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Dr. Carola Lilienthal is Managing Director of WPS - Workplace Solutions GmbH and has been regularly analysing the future viability of software architectures on behalf of her customers since 2003. She is author of the book "Sustainable Softwarearchitecture" and translated Vaughn Vernon's book "Domain-Driven Design Distilled" into German, together with Henning Schwentner.

DDD Mob Architecting (Lab)
by Carola Lilienthal

In this session we will work as a mob – a group with one driver (me) at the mouse and keyboard – to discuss problems in an existing legacy system that could be solved with Domain-Driven Design. We will analyze problems such as: large entities that are used all over the system and how we could divide them into smaller entities, the lack of value objects and what kind of value object could be introduced and how as well as the possibilities to cut the system into bounded contexts. All this will be done with architecture analysis tools that help us work on the level above the source code.

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