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Alberto Brandolini

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DDD practitioner since the old ages, inventor of EventStorming, a guy with a masterplan.

DDD Europe is pairing up master modellers with domain experts they’ve never met and domains they’ve never modelled.

In two hours, with the help of the entire brainpower of the participants, they’ll try to build a model at maximum speed. The masters will interview the experts, and use their choice of techniques, heuristics, and visualisations.

Will they succeed to synthesize all the ideas? Can they find structure where there is none? Will they get to the bottom of the problem? Join them in the world's only domain modelling reality show!

No, you don't need to access my data. (Lightning Talk (4-7min))
by Alberto Brandolini

If there's one thing that drives me nuts when discussing Microservices and Bounded Contexts is the perpetual need to start snooping into somebody else's data. There's clearly something that we need to unlearn in order to be able to design more robust and loosely coupled systems.

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