The Role of Culture and Context in DDD

Thursday morning 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC+1)


Avraham Poupko


Two of the tenants for DDD are “Ubiquitous Language” and “Bounded Contexts”. However, we should ask: Is “Ubiquitous Language” really ubiquitous? Do we have a clear understanding or what ubiquitous means? Are “Bounded Contexts” really bounded? Bounded to what? Part of context is culture. Does culture play a role in DDD? (Spoiler alert: Yes).

Eric Evans says:

“By using the model-based language pervasively and not being satisfied until it flows, we approach a model that is complete and comprehensible, made up of simple elements that combine to express complex ideas. … Domain experts should object to terms or structures that are awkward or inadequate to convey domain understanding; developers should watch for ambiguity or inconsistency that will trip up design.”

Domain-Driven Design is about understanding and communicating complexity. We have long recognized that the most effective way to communicate complexity is via human language. However, in order to language to be useful it must be common (“ubiquitous”). In order for communication to be effective it must have context.

In this workshop we will try to arrive at a better understanding of how language is used to communicate and hopeful reduce complexity:

We will investigate:

  • What exactly do we mean when we say “language”
  • Are languages discovered or created?
  • What is context, and what is the role that context plays in understanding language?
  • What is the role that culture plays in building a context? What is the role that culture plays in DDD?

Please join me in what I believe will be a stimulating and thought-provoking workshop.

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