TDD for Real-World Applications!

Thursday afternoon 14:00 - 16:00 CET (UTC+1)


Thomas Thiry and Olivier Costa


Katas are great. And still you’re looking for a way to train in a more realistic codebase. With all the plumbing obscuring the domain. With all the components talking to each other to get a real application working.

In this team-at-work simulation you’ll enter a real-world application. Of a real invented company. With real problems and wishes. Mob programming and TDD will be your tools to deploy continuously value-added increments to our client.


  • Apply TDD and CD in a realistic context.
  • Under pressure of operational & business needs.
  • Become member of the limited-red-society.
  • Develop and refactor in baby steps.
  • Use the power of mob programming to deliver value collectively.
  • Experience how it can actually work in your professional environment.
Practical information


You can already download & install ‘anydesk’ ( so you can quickly access the development environment we prepared for you. You will receive all the instructions on how to use this tool during the session.


We will be using breakout rooms. Watch this vid to learn from Thomas Coopman how to move between digital rooms:


We will be using a Miro board to facilitate the session.

You’re invited to already take some preparation steps by accessing the Miro board before the session starts, and get ready to link-up with your dev environment.

About Thomas Thiry

Technical Agile Coach Twitter LinkedIn Company Website

  • Technical Agile Coach: I love to share extreme programming practices and help teams deliver more often, with less bugs.
  • Author of “Les pratiques de l’équipe agile”
  • Invited teacher at EPHEC (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium).
  • Organizer of Agile Tour Brussels.
  • More info:

About Olivier Costa

Agile pioneer LinkedIn Company Website

I believe that it is necessary for people to work together more effectively. Most IT-professionals that I encountered are very good technicians but poor collaborators. This, to me, is a key problem in the industry and the root cause of so many failing projects.

Another problem is that the software delivery process is often managed like a construction process, while it is actually a creative process, which requires a completely different leadership style.

I found in the agile movement a practical way to better both problems. There’s also a lot of common ground with the lessons of my aikido teachers. So I eagerly study and combine these two domains, for the benefit of both myself and my colleagues & customers.

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