Software Architecture Kata: Modelling a Credit Card Domain

Thursday morning 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC+1)


Kacper Gunia


Join us for an session of hands-on DDD modelling in the Credit Card domain.

Working in small teams of up to four, from an initial set of requirements and with domain experts available at all times you will design a system: the bounded contexts, the domain flows, technology choices, and other architectural details. But don’t expect an easy ride! We have little time to go from zero to modelling hero. Are you up for the challenge of designing and evolving your system?

There is no strict format to the session. In your teams, you will have total freedom to design the system however you want, using whichever tools and techniques you prefer. Be ready to share and show how you approach the software design, but also to learn from others! Together we will create an architectural toolbox that will help you design complex software systems in the future.

More About the Domain

Rewarder are the new player on the Credit Card market. They are targeting customers wanting to earn reward points for their purchases, but need to be able to do it with any merchant, unlike one of the major players on the market which is accepted in a limited number of places, especially outside of of big cities.

As many of the fin tech-startups Rewarder is a Mobile-only credit card and wants to make sure the user experience is as streamlined and as user friendly as possible. People are anxious about moving their money to a mobile-only financial service, so making sure that everything works as expected is critical. 

About Kacper Gunia

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Kacper Gunia is an independent Software Architect, Trainer and Consultant with 10 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate about delivering value by creating software that is aligned with the business as well as by enabling teams to be successful & productive with Domain-Driven Design and other methodologies. Kacper worked with clients including Starbucks, Time Inc, GFT, Sportradar & Government agencies. In his spare time he runs Domain-Driven Design London meetup.