Algebraic Domain Modelling with Citadels

Friday morning 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC+1)


Marco Perone and Erik Post


Algebra and domain modelling are similar in the fact that they both aim to obtain a clear representation of their subject, being it a mathematical structure or a knowledge domain.

In this hands-on we will use an algebraic approach, based only on simple operations and their composition, to model the domain of a board game step by step.

We will discover how our simple algebraic language yields a universal tool for modelling tiny and big domains, providing a formal and precise representation which could be easily translated into working software.

Practical information

To get the most out of this workshop, some experience with strongly typed programming languages or some interest in formal and functional perspectives are helpful.

About Marco Perone

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I am a software developer, grown up as a mathematician. I love to bring in my code the same formalism and precision you can find in math. I am particularly interested in functional programming, its links with domain modelling, and how to introduce and apply its ideas in non-functional languages.

About Erik Post

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Erik is a software developer interested in building compositional software using methods from computer science, category theory, algebra and topology, which he strives to balance with a keen interest in strolling through forests, visiting castles and collecting lava lamps, weather permitting.