Enterprise Architecture & DDD: Partners in Design

Thursday morning 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC+1)


João Rosa and Edo Poll


Did you ever experiment tension between different people inside of an organisation, with regards to design strategies? On one field, the Enterprise Architects and their business capabilities, and on the other side the Domain-Driven Design practitioners with their patterns? Endless hours of discussion about the design strategy, leading to waste and polarisation.

What if we could combine these two worlds? Are they so different?

Join us on this hands-on, where we will work a serious of exercises where you can leverage business capabilities modelling and strategic Domain-Driven Design patterns to model different functions inside of an organisation. You will learn on to move from the different methods while leveraging the strengths of each other. Leveraging those perspectives, you can start modelling based on intention, creating highly autonomous agents, whilst aligned with the organisation purpose and mission.

If your role is architect, line manager or you just want to gain experience in modelling at the enterprise level, then this is the right spot. We will model a use case, and walk through several scenarios where we apply the different modelling techniques. Previous knowledge of Strategic Domain-Driven Design and Enterprise Architecture is welcomed, but not required. You will leave the hands-on with a toolset that will allow you to apply to your product portfolio, creating sensible boundaries.

About João Rosa

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João is a Strategic Software Delivery Consultant at Xebia. He focuses on helping teams and organizations to make strategic decisions regarding the software; aligning teams and software to optimize the stream-based value. He believes in the power of collaboration and is a fan of visual collaboration tools.

When he is not on his duties, you can find him travelling with his daughter and wife, or laying down on the beach reading a book. João is an amateur cook in his remaining time.

About Edo Poll

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Edo is an IT architect with more than 20 years of experience as software systems designer, project manager, and software-, application(s)- and enterprise architect. Edo specializes in modernizing application architecture and reliability engineering.