DDD <3 end-to-end UI-tests

Thursday morning 10:00 - 12:00 CET (UTC+1)


Jimmy Nilsson and Andreas Cederström


Traditionally UI-based end-to-end (e2e) tests have been both time consuming to write, extremely brittle, sensitive to intermittent problems and cumbersome to troubleshoot. As a result, most software development teams don’t write UI-based e2e tests, instead they rely on (at best) automating the lower parts of the test pyramid and manage the top with manual labour.

We suggest that you give UI-based e2e testing a new chance, but with a different approach this time and with modern software tools. In this workshop we will elaborate on how e2e testing fits gracefully with DDD. It will be part of your design process, for example regarding evolving the ubiquitous language. It’s one more effective tool you will benefit from to get better collaboration between domain experts and software practitioners when creating and delivering business value.

Join us in exploring hands-on how UI-based e2e testing can be a natural part of your software design process. Discover how it will help you with how to write all the other tests as well as the production code in a good way. Be prepared for a lot of fun coding!

Practical information

Please prepare with steps described here: https://github.com/factor10/ddd-e2e-workshop/blob/main/README.md

About Jimmy Nilsson

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Jimmy has been a DDD-practitioner for quite some time and 2006 his second book called “Applying Domain Driven Design and Patterns” was published. He has been in the industry for thirty years, is founder and a consultant of factor10 and spend most of his time helping their clients to take leaps to their “just cause”.

About Andreas Cederström

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Andreas is a consultant at factor10, he is passionate about code and delivering true business value. Throughout his career he has been working closely with business and domain experts building consumer oriented web applications. Andreas has been involved in startups, government agencies, telecom industry as well as international distributed teams and is always ready to take on a new challenge.